About Us

    Sana Herbal Pharma was founded by Mr. T.N. Jambunathan. son of reputed Ayurvedic Practitioner Trignangode P. Narayana Iyer. The company aims to manufacture Ayurvedic proprietary medicines and Shastric Medicines as per ayurvedic formulary of india. The Products manufactured by Sana Herbal Pharma are conforming to the standards as required by manuals and law. Mr.Jambunathan is guided by his elder brother Mr.T.N Krishnan and Dr.P.V. Hariharan who are experts in ayurvedic field.

  • Sana Herbal Pharma make high-quality ayurvedic products under its own label.
  • Sana Herbal Pharma are manufacturing ayurvedic medicines by using non-toxic herbals and its products are not having any side effects.